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Om Jewellers and Mahadev Jewellers are the family business run by Dharmendra Soni his younger brother Om Soni. Dharmendra was born on April 9, 1977, and Om four years later on March 1. 1981. Their father, Deendayal Soni, and mother, Devai Devi Soni, were married in Jaisalmer, which has been home to Deendayal’s family for over five generations.

To be a soni that I have a great sense of pride that through my art and craft, I can bring happiness to other people.

Deendayal’s grandfather Jawanlal Soni made jewelry for the royal family of Jaisalmer, and Deendayal continues to help the royal family by evaluating their old jewels and finding suitable buyers when they wish to sell. Dharmendra and Om’s subject of higher status within the soni caste. The explains their custom of following a vegetarian diet similar to that of Brahmins, the highest Hindu caste.

Hand Made
Jewellery Showroom

The workshop is equipped with steel anvils set into the floor, a low work table, and large machine press that is used to flatten metal into thins sheets and to make wire. There is also a large gas canister for the torch used to melt and solder metal and a small electric buffer to polish finished pieces. The remainder of the ground floor includes a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom, with a storage cellar below.

In the basement there are two rooms with thin mattresses on the floor where Dharmendra and Om show their tourist customers silver jewelry that they have made particularly for this clientele. They also have older pieces of silver jewelry available. Dharmendra either purchases these on trips he makes to villages specifically for this purpose, or he buys them form villagers who come to Jaisalmer to sell or pawn their silver jewelry.

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